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Top 10 best Moments of WWE Payback 2017

by on May 1, 2017

I can tell you about the best Moments of WWE Payback 2017.
Top 10 best Moments of WWE Payback 2017  is pay per view show of WWE.
People are too much watching and enjoy it, so lets go
on Moments of WWE Payback 2017.

Some Wining best Moments of WWE

Payback 2017

10-Chris Jericho becomes the new United States champion against the Kevin Owens in WWE Payback 2017.
The both is good friend, but the Kevin Owens change their friendship into war.
The result of the they fight against each of the and this fight.
Chris will win against him and become United States Champion.in best Moments of WWE Payback 2017 .

9-Alxa bliss was winning moment and become the new WWE Women champion in WWE Raw.
he fight a fairly, in best Moments of WWE Payback 2017.

8-Seth Rollins winning moment In WWE Payback 2017 against the Samoa Joe.
Rollins fights aginst this beast like a warrior and wins aginst him by a three count.
Samoa Joe shock after his defeat against him.

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Some Big Moments:

7-hardy Boyz vs. shames and ceasaro the match is too much awesome.
Both teams fight well.In WWE Payback 2017.
But the Sheamus and cesaro lose their opportunity and lose the tag team title.

this is best Moments of WWE Payback 2017.

6-sheamus and cesaro attacked the hardy boyz after the match.
they want to teach them a lesson this is a real moment in Top 10 best Moments of WWE Payback 2017.

5-Nevile still the champion and king of cruiserweight.
Austin Aries win the match but not a champion in the WWE Payback 2017.

Top 5 Moments of WWE Payback 2017 that Not be happened:

4- Roman Reigns Vs braun Strowman this is not a good match for Roman Reigns.
He already inured his shoulder and armed by the braun.
But after this match, he is more injured.

3-Bruan strowman brutally attacked Roman Reigns by a stell upstairs that heart Roman More.
the blood comes to his mouth because Braun hit by the steel step on the Roman chest.
2-Roman Reigns at last conquered.
Braun attacked again on ambulance sight by roman reigns.
But Roman saves himself and hit too much hard to strowman by the gate of the ambulance.
And Braun rum away.

1-Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt, Randy lose the match because of Chan Dar Mahal attack.
This match is too much amazing and tuning point.I hope you like all the moment of this match.
But not the last moment of Randy Orton losing.

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