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Roman Reigns Attacks on Braun Strowman in WWE Raw 8 May 2017

The show of WWE Raw started with Dean Ambrose entrance.

But the miz and Braun Strowman interrupt him.
Braun asks he did no finish with Roman Reigns he totally destroy him.
Kalisto comes and challenges him a match. Tonigh WWE Monday Night Raw 8 May 2017.

Roman Reigns Attacked on Braun

Strowman in WWE Raw

10- Braun Strowman Roman Reigns is face to face.
This moment is one of the best moments in WWE Raw 8 May 2017.
9-Roman Reigns Give a three superman punch on the braun stroman
Face.that is too much heart to braun strowman.

8-Roman Reigns give a kick a punch on the injured arm on braun strowman.
That heart him a lot.

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7-Braun Strowman kick to Roman Reigns out sight to the ring.when roman reigns try to
Give him a spear.

6- Roman Reigns hit his hand with a steel pump out sight to the ring.
Two-time that heart him a lot.

5- Braun Stroman hand is too much heart when Roman hit her injured hand on the
Ring with very forcefully.


4-Roman hit pick a steel chair this is one of the best moment in WWE Raw.
He takes all his revenge from the braun strowman.
3-Roman hit ith a chair on an injured arm by braun strowman one time very hardly.
That is heart to braun strowman a lot. He is laying on out sight the ring.
2- He hit with another chair shot on the braun.
When his hed and hand on steel step that is too much heart strowman.
Braun is run away to this ring with very heart.
1-best moment Roman Reigns stell in the ring with stand like a warrior,
This is the best moment of Roman Reigns attacked on braun strowman in WWE Raw 8 May 2017.

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